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History of
Die Ou Pastorie

Die Ou Pastorie was built in the 1880’s as a pastoral home during a time when wild animals roamed the valley; people traveled by ox-wagons and the politics of the day involved the Anglo-Boer Wars.

Die Ou Pastorie is a proclaimed Heritage site

The ancient Magaliesberg mountains form the centre of the newly proclaimed Biosphere and are steeped in the richness of geographical phenomena and riveting history of the Cradle of Humankind and our (yes, all of ours) relative, Mrs Ples.

The Magaliesberg is almost 100 times older than Mount Everest and half the age of the earth, a unique treasure for us in this part of Africa.

At Die Ou Pastorie, we have the intrinsic belief structure to manage our environment sustainably – to the absolute best of our abilities.

Our small property lies in the rich, fertile valley of Scheerpoort, named so because it was the last opportunity to shave and ‘clean up’ before arriving in the hub of Pretoria by oxwagon (a 3 day travel). It is flanked on either side by the beautiful Magaliesberg Mountains and the Witwatersberg, interlaced with life-giving rivers.

We are fortunate to be a part of an old and trusted water course of ancient man made furrows which still operate on a “trust and time” shared “leiwater” system.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere of serenity and consciousness to visitors through the combination of local produce, soulful music entertainment from a variety of artists, informative and thought provoking talks from guest speakers, vibrant design, culinary wholesomeness and warm, organic hospitality. 

It is an exercise in living gracefully: a conscious choice…


We recommend making a reservation for Sunday lunch. We are open all day Sunday.

071 328 6102

082 460 7310

Skeerpoort, North West


Thursday to Sunday
09:00 - 16:00


Eight individually appointed garden suites with bed and breakfast or dinner, bed and breakfast.


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